Our services

Software robots can provide increased productivity, improved quality, lower CAPEX and new service innovations. It is revolutionizing the way we implement automation.

We offer a full range of services for realizing the opportunities of Robotic Process Automation. From understanding and identifying the RPA use cases to hands-on piloting and production of software robots.



We will help you to find the best use cases to deploy software robotics in any environment. The proof-of-concept methodology will help you to get a flying start to identify the most viable and feasible processes without the need of extensive investments and resources.

For more analytic customers we are eager to provide use case analysis workshops and feasibility studies.


Instead of months and years, the software robotics can provide the automation solution in days and weeks. Every software deployment is developed and adjusted according the goals of business with the current established IT environment.

We think that the software robots should provide benefits right from the start in co-operation with the value-delivering business.


Once deployed, software robots are an integral part of the business operations. To ensure the best performance, Sisua Digital can provide the support, platform and operation model for the RPA solutions.

Even the best deployment cannot provide the benefits of RPA without the agile improvement and maintenance of the robots.


to use Sisua workers to increase your company’s productivity?

At Sisua Digital we want to help your company increase your productivity with Sisua workers. With our proven methodology we help your company to identify and analyze the potential for software robots, create a strategic roadmap for the deployment of Robotic Process Automation.

Sisua Digital is independent from technologies, service providers, and Robotic Process Automation vendors.