SISUA WORKER is a tireless software robot

Sisua worker is a software robot mimicking a human employee. It is a piece of software that sees the computer screen the same way a human does. It clicks buttons, copy-pastes data from one software to another, or looks for mistakes in a dataset.


A software robot is a digital team member that is trained to take mundane, repetitive tasks away from people – allowing them to focus on more meaningful and productive work.

Software robot is a versatile tool for business process automation

Software robots can operate in the background or assist people in certain areas. One software robot can manage one or more processes or tasks. They can also be trained to prioritize selected tasks. They are trained in weeks by recording human execution.


  • caracteristicas-operan

    Once a year

  • caracteristicas-operan

    Once a month

  • caracteristicas-operan

    Once a day

  • caracteristicas-operan

    Each night

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  • caracteristicas-operan

    As requested


  • MS Office

  • Web

  • Internal systems

  • External systems

  • Email

  • Extranet

… and many more


caracteristicas-interaciónTo help with repetitive and mundane work

caracteristicas-interaciónTo perform work left undone

caracteristicas-interaciónTo operate new services and opportunities

Robotic Process Automation

Software robots are performed by using Robotic Process Automation (RPA)technology. Business process automation using software robots requires a fraction of time, money, and effort compared to traditional IT project development.


It has been estimated that up to 60% of business processes cannot be economically automated with heavy enterprise IT architectures because these processes contain steps that are simply too small or rare. Robotic Process Automation makes it possible to automate this long tail of processes. The deployment of software robots is fast with low cost level, since no changes are needed to the existing IT systems.